How We Deliver

It’s All About the Journey

The process flow is common throughout our industry. The point of difference is our focus on the journey. We check and communicate with you along the way to make sure we deliver on our promises.

Journey Icon - Engineering & Consultation Process

Fusion Process

  1. Needs Analysis

    We seek to understand the needs of our client.

  2. Ability Checks

    With understanding we check we have the skills and resources required to offer a suitable solution.

  3. Solution Offering

    We supply a proposal offering a solution for client’s approval.

  4. Design & Construct

    With acceptance of our proposal we will initiate detailed design and construct phase.

  5. Install & Commission

    System will be installed and commissioned for final handover to client.

  6. Verify and Validate

    Check and confirm with client that all needs and expectations have been met.

Fusion Process flow diagram

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple and fundamentally the same for turnkey solutions or providing a service.
The best outcomes are achieved through good planning and delivery. So we invest our time in making sure we clearly understand our client’s requests.

Icon - Tailored and Full Turnkey Solutions

Tailored Solutions

We tailor solutions to provide the best outcomes achievable within the constraints of the situation. Through this initial phase we determine if we have the ability to deliver before any commitments are made by either party.

Philosophy pathway - Follow the line!

Planning is Key

When we find ourselves in a position to offer assistance then we begin the journey and start formulating the plan. This planning phase can be as simple as scheduling a resource to assist through to as complex as building a full turnkey solution.

Icon - Planning is Key
Philosophy pathway - Follow the line!
Icon - Keeping the Balance

Keeping the Balance

At all time we remain aware of the importance to be agile and efficient, keeping the balance of costs in line with expectations and desired results.

Philosophy pathway - Follow the line!

Open Communication

High value is placed on the relationships that we build with our clients and suppliers which we strive to maintain and grow through good communications. We always welcome any feedback from clients and suppliers as we know this can always help us to improve.

Icon - Open Communication